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    “I have ordered many pregnancy DVD’s and this by far is the best. Patricia has amazing energy and makes you believe that you can achieve and maintain your fitness during your pregnancy. She acknowledges that everyday your energy level can be different and Belly Beautiful is perfect since you can choose to do just portions of the DVD or all of it depending on how you feel that day. Even though I have many DVD’s this is the one I reach for daily and I always feel refreshed and energized afterwards. She is a terrific instructor and you enjoy listening to her guide you and your growing belly thru a wonderful workout. Pregnancy should be celebrated and she helps you do just that. I have continued to use this DVD to get back in shape after the birth of my daughter.”
    - Skye Purvis

    “At Last there is a DVD that isn’t just yoga based. I love your DVD, it’s inspiring and is great to pop on when you have some spare time to yourself. What a great mix of exercises. It’s superb how you embrace pregnancy and work with what you have. There is no need to feel unfit when you are pregnant. This Belly Beautiful DVD kept me feeling great during all stages of my pregnancy and made it easier to bounce back into shape after my son was born. THANKS!”
    - Trudy A. Stevens

    “A fabulous dvd. Patricia is an amazing instructor. She really knows her stuff and its a must for anyone wanting to stay in shape and love their body while pregnant. An all round great, pilates inspired workout. Bravo.”
    - Samantha Hughes

    ” This DVD is a wonderful pregnancy workout! I was able to maintain a healthy, toned body during and after my pregnancy. Patricia is positive and very knowledgeable about the body. A great find!”
    - J. Coville

    ” Belly Beautiful Workout, Volume 1: Prenatal Fitness for a Beautiful Pregnancy is a fitness DVD offering an exercise program designed to be safe and healthy for women of all fitness levels, and in all trimesters of pregnancy – the program’s benefits are sure to invigorize women before and after pregnancy, as well. Combining Pilates, sculpting, stretches, and relaxation techniques, Belly Beautiful Workout does not requires expensive equipment, although a simple stability ball and a foot resistance band are recommended. Professional fitness instructor Patricia Friberg hosts this user-friendly guide to personal fitness, perfect for strengthening one’s endurance, reduce stress, and improve mood prior to the big due day. Highly recommended, especially as a baby shower gift! 67 minutes.”
    - Midwest Book Review

    • Media Contact:
      Leslie McClure